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Testimonial From: A.W.

May,05, 2016



            I have been under the care of Dr Elliot Lederman and his staff for twenty five years. As my primary care physician he takes responsibility for treating me in an on going physician-patient relationship. Dr lederman moniters my diabetes and hyperglycemia.


            I feel very confident in the care they provide. The office staff Emily, Este and Janet are extremely helpful. Let me provide you with a few anecdotes. Recently, I couldn't shake off a chest cough. The doctor recommended a chest x-ray. Emily spent a half-hour looking for an office that accepts my insurance and can fit me in that day for an x-ray. Many other offices would probably just schedule you, not this place.


          I remember not feeling well over the weekend. It was Saturday night, l called Dr lederman on his emergency cell number, (that he gives out on his office message). The doctor contacted my pharmacy and prescribed the needed medication. I didn't have to wait until "normal business hours".


         In the office the doctor has many specialist providing care on different days of the week. I saw Dr Mamkin (cardiologist at Methodist hospital) as well as Echo technicians.


          Janet, the nurse is unique. When was diagnosed as a diabetic, she demonstrated for me how to test my blood sugar. She did so on her own finger! Always, helpful she immediately uploads any information needed for bloodwork. It's like having a medical team at your service.


         Finally, I must comment on the spectacular dedication that Este, the office secretary brings to the medical center. If you need to see the doetor she will fit you the doctor into your schedule. There are times I visited the doctor after normal office hours, because of my teaching schedule.


        Este, facilitated the appointments on very short notice. She also knows all the rules and phone numbers for prescription coverage. When she says you'll get in five days, you will. She will always ask if you have enough medication until then.


        To sum up, the office always provides for almost all routine medical care and health maintance schedules. Tm very satisfied to be one of Dr Lederman's patients.




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