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Elliot Lederman M.D.

                                                                         Dr. Lederman has been practicing Internal Medicine in the

                                                                         Midwood     / Flatbush area for over 30 years, He has been a                                                                                        devoted teacher for Downstate Medical School for over 25 years, as                                                                          an assistant instructor for 3rd year Medical Students learning                                                                                      ambulatory care medicine. Dr. Lederman students have gone on to                                                                            practice in all medical specialties. Specifically, in the Brooklyn area,                                                                            Students are now practicing in the fields of Emergency Medicine,                                                                                Rehabilitation Medicine and Cardiology. Dr. Lederman's Hospital                                                                                affiliations include Mount Sinai (Kings Highway Division) in Brooklyn                                                                          and New York Methodist Hospital.


                                                                         Our office is equipped with the   most up-to-date and modern-                                                                                    equipment. We are also using up-to-   date Electronic Medical                                                                                      Records (EMR) which helps to get most blood results quickly and                                                                                accurately. Specialty practices ncluding Cardiology,                                                                                                          Gastroenterology, Urology and Gynecology have been added to the

practice site as well. This gives patient's the availability and convenience to be at one location. Our dedicated office staff will facilitate referrals for patient's, as well as scheduling appointments for specialists on an urgent basis. 


Managing your medical care is a combination of good medical practice, by providing same day appointments, making sure patients understand their best choices of medical care, and joining family members if necessary, in the patient's overall care: 


Dr. Lederman is always accessible and can be reached through his emergency telephone number. 


Routine Tests Performed in Office:
• Electrocardiograms (EKG)

• Spirometry

• Halter monitors (24 Hour Heart Monitor)

• Hearing Screen Examinations

• Routine Eye Screening Examinations

• Routine Blood Draw and Urine Testing

• Respiratory treatments

• All Physical Examinations 


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