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Igor Mamkin M.D.


Igor Mamkin is a dedicated cardiologist serving the community of Brooklyn since 2010. Dr Mamkin has completed his residency training in internal medicine at the University of Connecticut and his cardiovascular fellowship training at the New York Methodist Hospital where he is currently a Director of Cardiac Computed Tomography (CT). He is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the Weill Cornell Medical College.


Dr. Mamkin has strong academic and professional background in diagnosis and treatment of various cardiovascular diseases. His particular interests include various cardiovascular imaging modalities (including cardiac CT, echocardiography and nuclear stress myocardial imaging), preventive cardiology (including  complex lipid disorders and vascular health), cardiac arrhythmias (medical and interventional therapy of atrial fibrillation and various anticoagulation strategies) and coronary artery disease (medical and interventional therapies). In addition, Dr Mamkin has a strong research background and authored and co-authored over 30 abstracts, 4 book chapters and 11 original articles and case reports in the most reputable national and international medical journals (New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, The Journal of American College of Cardiology, etc). He is also board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, echocardiography and nuclear cardiology.

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