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Jeremy Tark CCRD, JD

Jeremy Tark is a certified clinical research coordinator who has extensive experience in many levels of clinical research.  He is heading our clinical research program, and below is more information about clinical research and the studies we are doing.  



We want to provide our patients with high quality, appropriately tailored, and timely services in the design, development, and implementation of clinical research projects.  People volunteer to participate in medical research studies for a variety of reasons. Some patients hope to find a new treatment or cure for their disease. Others are looking for access to new drugs or free medical care. Still, many want the satisfaction of knowing that they may be helping someone with a chronic, serious or life-threatening illness in addition to furthering the pursuit of medical knowledge.


You may receive compensation for your time and travel. All medication and study involvement is free. Please ask us when you come in for a visit.  Currently we have studies for High Cholesterol, Migraines, and Osteo-arthritis.  

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